$100 Amazon Gift Card Winner Announced + PL Fully Reinstated

And the winner is...

$100 Amazon Gift Card Winner Announced + PL Fully Reinstated

Who was the big winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card?

All slips were the exact same length/height/size


The lovely Kerry can’t see the names in the bucket as she draws the winner.

And the winner is…. Lindsey Innes! 

Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to provide us with insights and feedback! You are always welcome to let us know how we are doing throughout the year or to share ideas on how we can improve-we love hearing from you!

The winner for 2019 is Lindsay Innes! Thanks again for participating!


New intake emails available immediately for use!

Based on your continued feedback, we have now added:


for all of your general info




We hope to add one more new email address for “cancellations” in the near future, but in the meantime, feel free to email Kerry at kalridge@ticak.comfor all cancellation questions/concerns/issues.


Please continue to use the following:





REINSTATEMENT: Personal Lines back to normal

Thanks to the earth cooperating and not shaking too hard over the past few days, the Personal Lines suspension we had earlier this week has been lifted. The following zip codes are now back in action:

99530, 99687, 99529, 99695, 99523, 99519, 99520, 99521, 99522, 99524, 99514, 99511, 99510, 99509, 99502, 99517, 99513, 99501, 99599, 99503, 99506, 99508, 99683, 99652, 99518, 99504, 99515, 99507, 99505, 99654, 99623, 99516, 99688, 99577, 99694, 99567, 99540, 99629, 99605, 99635, 99611,99587 and 99747


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Sara and Chris for assistance. Thanks for your patience!



Jenifer, Mary, and Miranda all recognized their risks last week, and collected their reading rewards!


Take a look at the risks below and email me to let me know if we can donate to your local charity or to receive a Starbucks $10 gift card.akorver@ticak.com


Angela Mink Korver