Chance To Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

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Chance To Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

Chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

It was a short week – so we will keep this short too! 

We always strive to provide products and services that work for you. Last year, we asked for your suggestions and your responses helped us better serve you this past year. Based on your input, we revamped our website with updated fill-able forms. We worked on improving our communication with our agents. Direct Bill and Agency Bill are now available for everyone upon request. We created an email in-take system that we are already looking to expand based on your new suggestions. We brought on new products like Collectibles and Cannabis, and added an additional Premium Finance market for audits, cannabis products and all other personal/commercial risk needs.


We are always seeking to bring on new products. We want to add an Agent Portal to our website that will offer you access to payment info and other vital customer information. We are continually seeking new technology solutions to help us streamline business. (For example, if you aren’t already paperless with us, let us help you get set up in minutes!)


BUT WHAT ELSE WOULD LIKE?What do you NEEDTo be entered into our $100 Amazon Gift Card, please send an email to titled

“TIC Improvements” with improvements, suggestions,

requests, compliments and concerns. The winner will be announced in next week’s Thinking Thursday. As our teachers used to say, “There are no bad questions or responses–just the ones you didn’t ask or make!” Thanks in advance for your insights-we look forward to reading them!

Thank you to all of you who are using our new intake system!

Please send your requests to the following:



Miscellaneous Professional Liability for Ad Agencies & Marketing Consultants


It’s that time of year when people are thinking about their 2019 Marketing and Ad Plans. Do you have clients who do this for a living and need a good insurance option?


One of our companies has Advertising Agency and Marketing Consultants classes that target agencies that assist

their clients in creating, planning and improving their brand image, customer service and public relations by using strategic promotions and creative tactics, including social media, advertising, visual design and multi-channel campaigns.



  1. Competitive Premiums
  2. Package with General Liability and Property
  3. Fully customizable definition of professional services
  4. Comprehensive coverages and options
  • Softened Hammer clause
  • Personal Injury coverage
  • Copyright infringement coverage
  • Defense In addition to the Limits
  • Independent Contractor coverage


Just for reading and correctly recognizing the Whammy from thePress Your Luck TV game show from the 80’s/90’s, Abbie, Chris, Toi, Tabatha and Courtney got to choose $10 towards a favorite charity or Starbucks as a reading reward! Thanks for reading!


Take a look at the risks below and email me to let me know if we can donate to your local charity or to receive a Starbucks $10 gift

Angela Mink Korver