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Collectibles Reminder


Do you have customers who have items that they just treasure and want to make sure that they are protected? It’s easy!

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This product is available to both individual collectors and dealers, and there is a commission for new and renewable business.

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Valentine’s Day Trivia and Easy Marketing Idea:

Did you know that for the first time in 153 years, the Necco/Sweatheart Conversation Hearts won’t be sold this year? It’s due to the company being sold unexpectedly, and because of the timing of the sale to the new company, they didn’t have the 11 months needed to create the 8 billion pounds of hearts necessary to go to market. Don’t worry-they will be back next year! Be warned though-if you see them on shelves, know that they are at least a year old!


So what can you do as agents?Create postcards and mail them to your customers (because who doesn’t love to get an old-fashioned Valentine card in the mail!?) that says something along the lines of “just because the Candy Hearts are sold out this year doesn’t mean we can’t have a conversation!” Or “Protect what you love. Call us today for a personal inventory review.” Or just an old-fashioned card works too so your clients know you are thinking of them! There is lots of fun to be had with this holiday, but only if you jump on it today!


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