Insuring Historical Buildings, The 4 Major Loss Areas on Property, Easter

historical building

Insuring Historical Buildings, The 4 Major Loss Areas on Property, Easter

“Can you write historical buildings?”

During an office visit this week, we were asked if we could write historical buildings, and the answer is YES!

According to Josh, there are four major components to writing historical property, (or any property), and they are Roof, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating. For buildings that are 40+ years old, updates are required, but can be replaced with a Special Form if they’ve been maintained through excellent maintenance records, and/or can be verified through a third-party independent contractor within a five year period.
Roofing: This is basic roofing, and if the building is over 40 years old, the roof will either have been or be in need of replacing, unless the roof is a metal roof guaranteed for a 50-100 year life span.
Electrical: We will need to know when the main electrical panel was replaced or updated.
Plumbing: All information points to the life of the water heater and boiler. We will need to know when it was replaced or updated. We will also need to know that the piping has been upgraded to copper, and no longer galvanized or another material.
Heating: The same rules apply in that we will need to know the wiring has been upgraded to copper and not aluminum.

Don’t be scared of sending us historical properties. We are happy to look at it and see how we can help you get this quoted!

Wishing all of our friends a wonderful and happy Easter weekend.

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Lisa recognized AND CORRECTED me on her risk last week and collected her reading reward! She didn’t just write GL on her risk, but also had Inland Marine and a Bond wrapped up with it. Thanks Lisa!

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Even with the newly falling snow outside making summer seem much further away, this is your other “Debbie-Downer” moment, when we have to bring up something sadder than snow in April, which is the onset of CONSTRUCTION SEASON. Construction is great for business and tourism and road construction workers, but super-yucky for those that get stuck in long lines in construction zones waiting to be shepherded through jammed roads. Please be aware of these projects taking place this summer to repair roads and ease future congestion:

Summertime Construction in Southcentral Alaska

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