Longest Day of the Year

sunset behind the trees

Longest Day of the Year

Today is the day-the longest day of the year! This picture was taken last night at 11:25 pm. This is how many Alaskan towns are celebrating this glorious day:

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One of our customers said he recently received a request to place insurance for a customer, and the customer wanted to pay them not only the premium amount, but wanted to deposit 5X the premium amount into the agent’s bank account, and asked the agent to “simply return the additional money” to them. They asked for the agent’s bank account info so they could put the money in directly. This was a RED FLAG to the agent, and he told the client that they were unable to do business with them. He wanted to spread the word to fellow agents about this concern. Those “customers” were most likely trying to scam the agent out of a lot of money, or use his account to launder illicit funds. This is just a friendly reminder to NEVER give out your bank account info, and keep your guard up against scammers.

Fun Visiting Kodiak, Alaska

Thanks to the great team at Sweeney Insurance Inc. for allowing us to come visit them for a few days this week. I had never been to Kodiak and we got an amazing welcome from their office. They spent the morning getting updates from us, and Josh worked with them in the afternoon fielding questions and offering advice. We spent Thursday touring the ocean outside of Kodiak with John and Bruce. Below are pictures of his amazing team on a rare sunny day outside their office. Thank you for a memorable visit-we hope to be back in the near future.

Exciting New Feature Coming Soon!

Many of you have insurance questions and sometimes hesitate to ask them. We’ve been visiting our customers and answering questions, and upon further discovery, it’s likely someone else has the same question too. We are going to create a new feature called “Ask Professor Josh.” Josh is really knowledgeable in many aspects of contracts and insurance. But this will only work if you ask us questions! Send a question or a topic you would like Josh to cover to Ask Professor Josh, and we will start working on posting the answers. We may even go live with some of your answers and post them to our website!

Upcoming Insurance Events:


Come by our office 6/28/19 and say “hi” between 9am-3pm to visit with your fave underwriter, and grab a snack before the big event!

AIIAB Golf Tournament

Friday Evening 4:30 pm-11 pm

June 28, 2019

REGISTRATION OPEN–GRAB A TEAM! Two spots left-get them today!

Open to the public, AND A GREAT WAY to treat your best customers to a fun evening of golf! Hole-in-One opportunities for trips to Hawaii and more! Come and join your insurance friends for an evening of fun in the Midnight Sun!


Angela Mink Korver