MPL for Interior Designer

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MPL for Interior Designer

Let’s face it: Sometimes, you do really need a professional interior designer. And they need insurance

So get inspired! We have access to a product for Interior Designers. This class targets designers and decorators who plan interior spaces and environments for a variety of clients by selecting appropriate furnishings, colors and textures to fit a client’s need and capture the spirit, functionality and essence of the space. This might be key for those that are working in spaces recovering from our big earthquake a few months ago.
Interior designers can also be involved in planning the interior layouts of buildings or spaces undergoing construction or renovation. Send us a quote so we can get your professional customers insured to start working today!


Young Professionals in Alaska have their own summit!

There is a great need to support our young professionals, and especially if we are able to do it locally! Early bird special for those that get a ticket before 2/15/19 for only $170. For more information, click on this link: Alaska Young Professional Summit








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