New Product Collectibles!

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New Product Collectibles!


Have you noticed the really low sub-limit most policies have for collector items? We have a new product to solve that for you! Collectibles might be guns, knives, toys, Native Art, comic books, movie memorabilia, sports items, fine art, Zippo lighters..anything someone finds of value to themselves. This product is available to both individual collectors and dealers.

The minimum premium is $50! The best part is that you only need one sign-up for each agency, and then your entire office has access to the quoting system.

Click the links below to check out their brochure!

Collectibles Brochure for Dealers

Collectibles Brochure for Collectors

And click on this link to get started today!

Get Started Today with your Own Agent Portal to Collectibles!


We are excited to announce that we’ve created dedicated emails for the following:

Try it today-we think you will love it!

And in case you missed it this morning…


Check it out! Look at our pix. Easily find the payment button! If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email me. Thanks to you have told us how much you already like it!

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