Thinking Thursday – American Modern

Thinking Thursday – American Modern

In this edition:

TIC Annual Halloween Office Costume Contest Monday October 31

TIC ready to launch American Modern in next few weeks!

Save the Date! Our current dwelling program will be going through changes: Training update to be held November 9

Cyber Definition of the Week + Pro-Russian Hackers take out large US airport websites this week

Northfield 2022/2023 Winter Flyer

New Product! Layered Excess Insurance Video

2022 Fat Bear Winner!

And of course…Halloween Dad Jokes!

October Out of Office

Kerry: 10/14

Johnny: 10/17-18

Jessica: 10/25-31

Chameng: 10/25-28

TIC Closed from noon-1:00 pm 10/31/2022 for Halloween potluck/judging of costumes


Simply send all information directly to:

(For Stargate issues, general questions, and for sending supporting docs both pre and post-binding)

(Renewal quotes)

(New Business quotes)

Cyber word/definitions of the week:

Botnet:  a network of private computers infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owners’ knowledge, e.g., to send spam messages.

A. What is an example of a botnet? For example, an ad fraud botnet infects a user’s PC with malicious software that uses the system’s web browsers to divert fraudulent traffic to certain online advertisements. However, to stay concealed, the botnet won’t take complete control of the operating system (OS) or the web browser, which would alert the user.

B. For a complete article on what a botnet is and how it can infiltrate your system: What is a botnet? Cyber Security Tutorial

C. Bonus Cyber Coverage from NPR: Pro-Russian Cyber Hackers take credit for knocking US Airports websites offline in cyber attack this week

It’s about to get…Personal. 

Last week we announced we will be working with American Modern in the next few weeks! We will send out an announcement when we are ready to go live so stay tuned.

Save the Date! On Wednesday, November 9th, we will host an in-person and web-option introduction updated training class for our popular Dwelling and Personal Lines product. More information to come next week!

Layered Excess Insurance-Learn More in this Quick Video! 

Tis the season to be thinking in layers…and not just layering on extra clothes or extra socks! Layered Excess Insurance is a new product with one of our carriers available now via our awesome team of TIC underwriters! In this quick and funny 3-minute video, learn about this new product available through TIC! Layered Excess Insurance

Reading Rewards are either a $10 Starbucks card or a $10 donation to the charity of your choice!

Bruce recognized his risk last week! If you see your risk below, you can choose to send a $10 to the donation of your choice or receive a gift card to Starbucks. To claim your Reading Reward, email:

2022/2023 Winter Flyer

You might have looked outside this week and noticed the big white fluffy stuff clogging your roads and driveway, announcing winter has arrived! So it’s time to talk about WINTER RISKS! We write those! Here’s a list of just some of the great winter risks we write…including special events! Check out this Winter Risks Sheet.  If you don’t see something, ask your underwriter! There is a good chance it’s on our website or we can find it for you.

2022 Fat Bear Winner is…

After a drama-filled week of bulging bellies, triumph and attempted voter fraud, the internet had a record-breaking voting week and crowned:  WINNER OF FAT BEAR 2022 HERE!

Dad Halloween Jokes!

What’s a ghost’s favorite play? Romeo and Ghoul-iet.

What does a ghost mom say when she gets in the car? Fasten your sheet-belts.

What kind of horse do ghosts ride? A night-mare

What room does a ghost not need in a house? A living room.

How do ghosts send letters? Through the ghost office.

What health insurance do Halloween creatures use? Medi-scare.

What’s a skeleton’s favorite board game?

Tibial Pursuit.

What happened to the cannibal who showed up late to Halloween dinner?

They gave him the cold shoulder.

What is the witch’s favorite crime show?

America’s Most Haunted.

What do you call it when a vampire has a serious problem in his home?

It’s a Grave problem.

Why do skeletons make good comedians?

They are two humerus.

TIC Halloween Costume Contest

Our annual TIC Halloween contest is back! Time to roll out your favorite costumes for fun and prizes.

Submit your office group picture by NOON on Monday October 31!  Best office Halloween winner will be announced in a special email on Monday Afternoon.

GRAND PRIZE: We will pay for your office to go to lunch, plus, the ever-important BRAGGING RIGHTS with THE TIC rotating gold-pan trophy for being the winners of the TIC Best Halloween Office Costume. Get started today! Here are your 2020 Winners-Barrett and Associates!

Angela Mink Korver