Thinking Thursday August 19

Thinking Thursday August 19

In this week’s edition:

  • 7.8 million T-Mobile users exposed to hackers this week
  • Western States get put on water restrictions
  • Real-life fire brings out reminders for being prepared for a disaster
  • Travelers has incentives: how to double-dip and take advantage of their programs
  • Moment of Fun: The Alaska State Fair kicks off this weekend

Fall is a great time to do fire drills at home too
With het kids returning to school these next few weeks, it’s a great time to think about preparing your family for emergencies. Kids know that they have to do fire drills for school, but have you practiced what to do at your home? Do you have a plan in place? Does everyone know their role in case of emergency? Most families think they do until faced with a real-life fire. It truly helps to have a conversation as a family about what to do, and to practice some actual real-life drills to prepare for such an event. To help you prepare, consider this source from the National Fire Preparedness Association, How to make a family emergency fire plan.

This is also a great time to have a plan in place for your family in case of earthquakes and volcano eruptions too, as we are currently experiencing three volcanos going off on the Aleutian Chain, and Haiti was rocked by a 7+ pointer last week. From,

Volcano Eruption Preparedness Plan

Earthquake Preparedness Checklist

AIIAB 2021 Annual Convention
Anchorage, AK @ the Captain Cook Hotel
Tuesday-Thursday 10/19-10/21, 2021
Theme: Classic 1940’s Hollywood, “You Had Me at Insurance”
The Insurance Center’s 40th Anniversary Party at the Willawaw -AIIIAB 2021 Convention Opening Cocktail Party
Tuesday Night, October 19, 2021
Theme: A Night of Stars
Dress Code: Glamour 1940’s Hollywood-style or come dressed as your favorite movie star

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T-Mobile Users Exposed to Data Breach this week
In a stunning cyber- hacking situation, 7.8 million postpaid customers had their data compromised. This is a significant breach that could cause the company millions of dollars in damages. For more information about the extent of this breach, from The Insurance Journal, 7.8 Million T-Mobile Users Exposed as their private information was hacked this week

Remember-your customers don’t think this will happen to them, but it is happening everywhere. We have a great new cyber program with 20% commission through the end of September. Come see what we have to offer!

(Lake Mead’s Critical Water Level continues to shrink)

Western States get put on water restriction
Due to the wildfires and extreme temperatures on the West Coast this summer, it is now time to put the western states on water rations for the rest of the season. The water crisis and lack of water in Lake Mead has reached a critical level and the federal government is in the process of rationing. To fully understand how this will affect the western states, read this article from the AP Newswire: Western States Face First Federal Water Ration

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Moment of FUN! The Alaska State Fair is BACK!
Funnel cake, turkey legs, hand-dipped ice cream bars, wine and beer and the world’s biggest cabbages and pumpkins, along with tons of Alaskan products are just waiting for customers to descend upon the fairgrounds! It all kicks off this weekend. For a full list of events and sponsors, click on this link: Alaska State Fair Starts 8/20/2021!

Angela Mink Korver