Thinking Thursday-COVID 19 Part 3

Thinking Thursday-COVID 19 Part 3

Thinking Thursday March 26, 2020
Some of our carriers are rapidly creating new products to address some of the new risks that we are facing. As they become available, we will share that news with you.

Agency Prepardness with COVID-19
There were a lot of you who checked out Agency Revolution’s webcast last week that I posted here in Thinking Thursday. Tomorrow, they have a new part to their webcast called “Adapting Your Agency For the COVID-19 Pandemic.” It’s hosted by Robert Hartwig, PhD, CPCU, Director of South Carolina Risk Uncertainty Management, with Christopher Cook, Owner of Alliance Services and Brad Ruben, President of Archway Computers. Take an hour and get new information on how to take advantage of this unique historical opportunity to get your agency fully efficient during this new era! You can register by clicking on this link:Registration: Adapting Your Agency for the COVID-19 Pandemic

UPDATES: Save the Dates!
Insurance Events for 2020
IPA 3-Hour Live CE Class: Business Income with Margaret Valarmos @ the BP Energy Center Wednesday, April 228:30am -Noon RSVP here!!
AIIAB Annual Golf Tournament Friday, June 12th at 6pmO’Malleys on the Green
AIIAB Annual Convention Alyeska ResortGirdwood, AK Tuesday-Thursday October 13-15

Reading Rewards:
Since sending/receiving real mail is a bit of trick right now, we are back to Starbucks and Local Charity donations. Thanks to Toi and Cheryl for recognizing their risks last week. Check out the risks below and if you recognize one as your risk, I will let you to choose either sending $10 to a local charity or a gift card to Starbucks.

We are one week into working remotely. So what have we learned?
It’s pretty much what we’ve been doing with so many of you for years–working remotely! So for us, it’s another day at the office. (Except we are not physically there.) But in every other sense, via email, chat, and by the phone, we are here for YOU.
We have also learned that we are highly adaptable as a society. Just think about it: two weeks ago, only about 25% of our industry was working remotely. Now, almost everyone in the country is working remotely in insurance. TWO WEEKS changed an entire industry!

Our Alaskan Insurance Community is very strong and vital. We are all in this together, and when faced with challenges, we work harder and with more collaboration than ever. #strongertogether #alaskatuff
And finally, as we try and figure out this new normal, please continue to stay healthy, drink lots of water, and please stay safe.

The best news is that no one in our Alaskan Insurance Community that we know of has gotten this terrible illness-and we want to keep it that way. May God continue to watch over us all. Please continue to wash your hands. Please stay home.

Remote Working Tips
LinkedIn’s Learning Blog Has some REALLY great video-tutorials on how to use some new apps and features that will enhance your productivity and make you look like a remote-working pro. Try learning about some great new apps and features!LinkedIn Virtual Learning Blog Resources for Working Remotely


Why call when you can chat?
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