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In this week’s edition:
• Emerging Pandemic Insurance Risks
• Wedding boom that might not come
• Finding a Lost City in the Valley of Kings in Egypt
• Moment of Zen: Denali Glacier on the Move

Emerging Insurance Risks after the Pandemic
In an article from My New Market, this explains the top 5 Emerging Pandemic Risks for 2021. It’s an in-depth look as how the pandemic has reshaped our insurance world, and how it will definitely impact non-profits.
5 New Emerging Insurance Risks for 2021

The Wedding Boom That May Not Come
After the harsh lockdown of 2020 and the many cancelled events, weddings were one of the hardest hit areas. Many vendors who had their year booked were forced to postpone events, many couples lost thousands in non-refundable deposits and fees, and many have tried to determine if it’s even worth the financial costs to get married in this next year. Since weddings require lots of small vendors creating an event, this might be a good time to understand what they might struggle with in this next year to stay afloat. This article was from the Washingtonian (in DC).
Wedding Boom May Not Come

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A Lost City Was Found!
Talk about a city with some endurance and great foundations! The lost “Golden City” in the Valley of Kings in Egypt might be the most significant find since locating King Tut’s tomb! It was discovered in September 2020 after a new dig was ordered. It not only has some real treasure, but it also shows a city’s daily life and tools. It’s an incredible find! To read all about it, here’s the article from the BBC.
Lost Golden City in Valley of Kings Found

Moment of Zen-Muldrow Glacier on a super-surge
Right now we are experiencing a unique natural phenomenon in the heart of Alaska in Denali with the super-surge of Muldrow Glacier. The surge should last through late summer. Scientists from UAF are keeping cameras and GPS units on it to record its pace. For details, check out this article from the Alaska News Source (though the New York Times, Yahoo News Services and other large news outlets are also tracking and reporting on it.)
Mudrow Glacier Super-Surge happening in Denali

Angela Mink Korver