Thinking Thursday – Death Valley floods

Thinking Thursday – Death Valley floods

In this edition:
Houston/Mat-Su area suffered massive flooding last week
Follow up to the Death Valley floods-$12M in Emergency Funds released
Cool Insurance Trivia Facts
Have you registered for AIIAB Convention 2022 yet?
Gold Dad Jokes this week (with more to come)

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AIIAB Annual Insurance Convention
September 27-29, 2022
Sitka, Alaska
Convention Theme: Gold Rush

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The Opening Cocktail Reception,
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The theme for our party is..
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We will also have Cyber CE Class at the convention, as well as some other great educational opportunities!
Shine on!

Flooding in the Mat-Su closed roads, mayor calls for area disaster to receive relief
Rain continues to fall in Alaska, drenching the Mat-Su/Valley area, especially the Houston area more than others. Historic flooding has lead the mayor to declare the area as a disaster so that they can get some financial relief. For the story from the Alaska News Source, Flooding Brings Financial Struggle to Rural Area

Follow-up to last week’s historic flooding in Death Valley leads to $12M in Emergency Funds

In the follow up to last week’s historic flooding in Death Valley, there was $12M in funds released to help fund the crisis.

$12M in funds released for Emergency Funds for Death Valley Floods

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10 Expensively Insured Body Parts

How much does Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer superstar, insure his legs for? What is America Ferrera’s smile worth? What kind of insurance policy does a coffee or wine expert need?  For these interesting yet true facts, check out: 10 Expensively Insured Body Parts from CNBC News

New Gold Dad Jokes

Q: Why did they build a castle for the pile of gold?

A: Because it’s a noble metal.

Q: What do you call a piece of gold who is afraid of the spiders?

A: A chicken nugget

Q: What did the iron say to the gold when it tried to wake him up?

A: AU, get out of here!

Q: What award show does gold like to wear every year?

A: Golden Globes.

Q: What’s another name for fake gold?

A: Shamrock

Q: Which fairy tale character is worth the most?

A: Gold-ilocks

Q: What do miners put on their dry skin?

A: Gold bond.

Angela Mink Korver