Thinking Thursday – Western Alaska Storm

Thinking Thursday – Western Alaska Storm

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Western Alaska Storm-How you can help

It’s Getting Personal!


**TIC Closed Tuesday 9/27 at noon for our AIIAB Cocktail Party

Alaska PFD pumps $2.1 Billion into local economy-needed to fight inflation, high energy costs, storm damage costs

Yeti Hunting: Cargo-spillage accident becomes marketing genius

Last of the Gold Dad Jokes

September Out of Office

TIC Closed 9/27 at noon for

AIIAB Cocktail Party!

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AIIAB Annual Insurance Convention

September 27-29, 2022

Sitka, Alaska

Convention Theme: Gold Rush


Convention link HERE

The Opening Cocktail Reception,

sponsored by The Insurance Center,

will be held on Tuesday evening 9/27/22 at

The Bayview Restaurant and Pub

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PFD pumps $2.1 Billion into the Alaskan Economy…and it couldn’t have come at a better time. 

September 20th brought record lines of people to the banks, car dealerships, in restaurants, and for many Alaskans, had them sighing with relief. With record inflation, high gas prices, concerns over super- high grocery costs, the stock market tanking, and the damage from Cyclone Murbok hitting the Western Alaskan coast this past weekend, Alaskans everywhere are preparing for a very costly winter. The PFD was made up of two components this year; $2622 was from the PFD fund payout, with the Alaskan lawmakers adding an additional one-time payment of $662 to offset high energy costs. From Fortune, Alaska Dividend up over $3000 per person

It’s about to get…Personal. 

For the first time in many years coming in the fourth quarter of 2022, our Personal Lines is getting some love! First, we are THRILLED to announce we are launching a new Personal Lines product to TIC next week at the AIIAB Convention.

In November, our popular Dwelling and Personal Lines product will be getting changes and some new upgrades. We will be hosting some in-person and virtual training classes for both options in the near future. Stay tuned as we Get Personal in the next few weeks!

Devastation in Western Alaskan 

Our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and neighbors who got rocked in Western Alaska this week by a horrific storm that crushed the Western coast of Alaska. If it weren’t for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the storms in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Japan, along with the sinking Dow Jones, it would have been the top news story. Alaska Airlines has already donated $25K and the use of their planes. Ravn Airlines is teaming up with the Alaska Native Heritage Center to bring donations to the affected villages and towns. If you are in Anchorage and can donate items, or want to donate money to help the recovery effort, the Alaska Native Heritage Center is a donation spot and is collecting the following:

Communities affected are asking for the following:

Kids clothing

Adult clothing

Winter gear: gloves, hats, scarves, etc



Canned goods

Link to donate online: Alaska ACF Western AK Disaster Recovery Fund

Please consider donating and helping your fellow Alaskans in need today.

Reading Rewards are either a $10 Starbucks card or a $10 donation to the charity of your choice!

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Yeti Hunting Might Be Alaskan’s Newest Pastime

The greatest accidental marketing trend that ever happened took place this summer, and Alaskans all over coastal areas reaped the rewards! Earlier this year, a cargo ship filled with Yeti coolers spilled out into the Pacific Northwest and washed 109 coolers out into the sea. And they have found their way onto the beaches throughout Alaska. Remarkably, they were found in perfect shape and just waiting for the right beachcomber to come along and claim them! From Outside Magazine, Yeti Coolers Washing Up on Alaska Beaches

New Gold Dad Jokes+ Gold Miner Meme

I pulled a muscle digging for gold.

It was just a miner injury.

I entered the world kleptomaniac championship tournament

I took gold, silver and bronze.

What kind of jewelry do rabbits wear?

14 carrot gold

Hear about the blonde who won a gold medal in the Olympics?

She had it bronzed.

Why did the robber break into the canoe store?

He heard that gold is found in ores

Why was the dwarf’s mining company so successful?

Because he had such low overheads

Angela Mink Korver