Yurts and What We Wrote This Week


Yurts and What We Wrote This Week

“Can you write Yurts?”

Earlier this week, Patty asked if we write Yurts. The answer is yes, but they require some extra effort.

According to Josh, they are tough to write monoline. However, they are easier to write when we can include a Guide/Outfitter business and the yurts are part of a package. Not all yurts qualify. Some of them are little more than pop-up tents with frames, and when they are like that, they aren’t easy to cover. However, if they are permanently affixed, often with a foundation, have a strong frame and a roof, it makes it much easier. Because yurt construction matters, we do ask for indoor/outdoor photos in order to underwrite them.

In order to be considered, we would require Accords and photos. We have written Yurt Campgrounds and a Yoga Studio in a yurt. Try us today!

This is your friendly reminder that the flu bug is TERRIBLE right now! Make sure you are sanitizing your work spaces and washing hands frequently. Save yourself!! It’s been very bad in our office this week…

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Michelle, Nancy and Jody recognized their moments of fame last week and collected their reading rewards!

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Start thinking about the SUMMERTIME

Many festivals and events are already on tap in the greater Anchorage Area. Check out some of these summer events on the Visit Anchorage Events Page! Visit Anchorage Events This Summer!

Slam’n Salmon Derby June

Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon

Summer Solstice Festival

July 4th Celebration

Girdwood Forest Fair

Bear Paw Festival

Anchorage Run Fest

Upcoming Insurance Events

Insurance Professionals of Anchorage Lunch and Learn

Tuesday, April 23 at the BP Energy Center from

11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 

Discussion on Starting/Operating a Cannabis Business in Anchorage, with speakers from the Municipality Safety and Codes Office

RSVP HERE! (In the subject line, put “RSVP IPA Lunch and Learn”)


AIIAB Golf Tournament

Friday Evening 4:30 pm-11 pm



AIIAB Annual Convention


Fairbanks, AK

Westmark Hotel



Angela Mink Korver