Meet Our Alaskans


The Insurance Center, An Alaskan Corporation is a locally-owned Managing General Agency based in Anchorage, Alaska that represents national and international Property and Casualty corporations.


The Insurance Center was founded by Gus and Mary Gustufson in 1981. After surviving the boom, bust and rebuilding years after the Alaska Pipeline’s rise and decline, they sold to Philip and Anna Mink in 1996. The Mink’s and their team of loyal and amazing employees expanded the business to include Dwelling, and Commercial Property and Casualty lines of insurance. In 2010, Phil and Anna turned the business over to us, their daughter and son-in-law, Angela and Joshua Korver, and we’ve been excited to be a part of the Alaskan business landscape since then.

Josh and I now like to think of ourselves as “Mom and Pop Version 3.0.” Our team of dedicated and experienced employees has over 100 years of insurance experience, serving our valued agents throughout Alaska. This year, on April 1, 2021, we celebrate 40 years in business, and look forward to the future with many years ahead.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns or compliments. We are always open to suggestions and improvements. Thank you for supporting your local Alaskan MGA. We appreciate your trust and will continue to work hard to keep earning it!

Joshua and Angela Korver
Co-Owners: The Insurance Center, An Alaskan Corp.


Joshua W. Korver, Esq.

Joshua has an Electrical Engineering degree from Gonzaga University, and has a Juris Doctorate from the University of Washington Law School. Josh’s first career was as an Intellectual Patent Attorney for a law firm based out of Minneapolis, MN that had a satellite office in Seattle, WA. His clients included National Semiconductor, Microsoft, and other high-tech intellectual clients. Deciding to focus on family, he and his wife Angela moved to Anchorage in 2006 to start their careers in insurance. Josh has been the President of The Insurance Center since 2009. Josh has served as the Chairperson of the Governmental Affairs Committee for 7 years for the AAMGA prior to its merger with NAPSLO to become WSIA. Josh is now also President of NAGA Solutions, a Technology Platform for Insurance.
NAGA National Alliance of General Agents
(907) 770-5309

Angela Mink Korver
Director of Operations/Owner

Angela has a degree in Public Relations/Advertising from Gonzaga University. Angela’s first career was doing Advertising/Marketing for high-tech companies in Seattle, WA. She and Josh moved back to Anchorage to start their careers in insurance, and to become the perpetuation plan for her parents. Angela served as Executive Director for the Alaska Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Association for 2 years before becoming an owner. Angela has served on the Insurance Professionals of Anchorage Board as a Director and Secretary, and became the chapter president in June 2018.
(907) 770-5303

Jessica Barker
New Business Underwriting/Marketing Manager

Jessica Barker has a great history as an MGA underwriter with 26 years of industry experience and as a lifelong Alaskan. She joined our team on 7/18/2022. Jessica brings a holistic view pulling from a career spanning work in agencies, MGAs, and as a terrific underwriter. She prides herself on her quick response, her turnaround time, and accuracy. Jessica lives by the motto “Service is the rent you pay for living on this Earth.” Jessica is independent and adventurous and when not working, she is a fierce advocate for animals and rescues/ fosters Great Danes. Recently she has started learning how to play the violin. Jessica also loves axe throwing, kayaking, and belly dancing.
(907) 770-5317

Sara Galyan
Bonds Manager, Personal Lines Main Manager

Sara has quietly been the backbone of TIC. Since her arrival in 8/13/2001, she has spent her entire career dedicated to insurance at The Insurance Center. If she doesn’t have the answer, it’s because there isn’t one. When not working or cheering on her son in his culinary adventures, she enjoys spending time with friends and family.
(907) 770-5310

Kerry Aldridge
Manager, Commercial Lines

A graduate of Dimond High (despite protesting and wishing she had graduated from Bartlett High), Kerry has been in insurance since 1984 and on the The Insurance Center team since 5/2/2001. She is the Manager of the Commercial Lines Department, and an expert on all things Commercial Lines. She currently loves spending time with her beautiful grandchildren, her favorite daughter and her favorite son.
(907) 770-5304

Timothy Gibson
IT Development/Special Projects

Timothy has spent the past 21 years in Alaska doing insurance on both the Agency and MGA side. He has been working for TIC since 6/8/2016. Tim was also the Insurance Professionals of Anchorage President for two years. In his downtime, he has many hobbies that keep him busy, but his favorites are spent outside in the Alaskan wilderness.
(907) 770-5307

Stacy Finn
Lead New Business Underwriter

Stacy has been with Team TIC since 7/24/2017. She grew up in Anchorage and is a proud Bartlett High graduate. Her career in insurance started in 1998 as a filing clerk/receptionist, and took the opportunity to get licensed in Personal Lines, and quickly advanced to Commercial Lines in 2001 and never looked back. She’s had her CISR since 2005. Her insurance background was originally on the retail/agency side, so when she came to us as a renewal underwriter, she had to learn the MGA side of insurance. She quickly asserted herself and her skills grew, so she is now our lead New Business underwriter. If you’ve had a chance to have her work on a quote for you, you know that she is amazingly fast and super-fun! In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her #1 Dog, Gunner, and she enjoys the outdoor life, working in the yard, long road trips, loves movies and loves to play poker- she is an avid poker player any chance she gets.
(907) 770-5306

Johnny Kohler Junior, Jr.
Claims Manager, Personal Lines Assistant Manager

Johnny’s grandpa, John Kohler I, started Rural Alaska Insurance in 1987 in Fairbanks, and Johnny III worked in the family agency from the tender age of 14 with his dad and aunt, crushing phone calls and kicking out T-files. Once he was legally able to get licensed in insurance, he moved on to working in Personal Lines and graduated to Commercial Lines. He is now getting to know a whole other part of the insurance world here at TIC as a Renewal and Personal Lines underwriter, bringing his vast knowledge of insurance and technology to us. He has been on our since 12/9/2019. In his spare time, he loves playing poker, making music and watching sports.
(907) 770-5315

Chameng Yang
Commercial Lines New Business Underwriter

Chameng graduated from Westwood College in Colorado with a BAS, and has returned to his beautiful home in Alaska. He has been on The Insurance Center team since 4/3/2019, and learning a lot about insurance and turning it into a career. He has a deep love for many hobbies, but with being a great dad to two boys and a brand new baby girl, his book is full. He tries to balance sports, volleyball, soccer, gym, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, eating, and his commitment to his church. His priorities are hanging out with his little kiddos and his huge extended family.
(907) 770-5316

Corey Aldridge
Personal Lines Underwriter

Family does have its privileges! Corey is Kerry’s nephew and has taken a definite liking to insurance. He has been on our team since 11/18/2019. In his free time, he enjoys playing video and board games, playing guitar and piano, and spending lots of time with his family. He is that friendly voice answering our phones now!
(907) 562-4532

Kelly Kohler

Commercial Lines Underwriter

Kelly Kohler joined our team on 8/9/2021. She is the sister to our own Johnny Kohler 3. Another “Kohler Insurance-Kid,” Kelly has been running around offices from an early age doing a variety of jobs from moving files at the Rural Alaska Insurance offices to counseling students about their post-secondary education options, and most recently working in the mortgage department of a local bank. When she’s not learning as much as she can about insurance, Kelly enjoys playing games, cooking, taking care of her two cats, and camping.
(907) 770-5313

Susan Lilly

Accounting Manager

Susan has lived much of her life in Alaska and a graduate of Dimond High School and UAA. She is a married, has four adult children, and has lived in six states and one foreign country. New to the insurance industry, Susan is currently working on her MBA with an Accounting specialization after working for the local school district for eight years. She loves to read, travel to new places, attend bible studies and church, gardening, and hanging out with her family and friends. She is excited to be part of Team TIC!

Chay ODell

Commercial Lines Renewal Underwriter

Chay’s career path has led her from personal lines retail insurance to MGA underwriting, specifically the exciting world of renewals. She joined the TIC team on August 25th, 2022, eager to expand her knowledge and skills in this field. However, when she’s not working, Chay loves to spend time outdoors pursuing her hobbies. She enjoys fishing, camping, and reading, and she even has a talent for crocheting. Chay and her husband also love to explore Alaska on road trips, bringing along their furry companion for the adventure. It’s clear that Chay has a passion for both her work and her leisure time, and she knows how to balance the two to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Ione Weston

Personal Lines Underwriter

Ione (I-own-e) is the newest valuable asset to our team, bringing an impressive 10 years of insurance industry experience. Hailing from the beautiful state of New Mexico 13 years ago, she has seamlessly transitioned to the wonders of Alaska, indulging in thrilling outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, skiing… any activity that allows her to immerse herself in the great outdoors! She is working in Personal Lines with Sara, Johnny and Corey and is already becoming a valued member of our team since mid-May.